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May 02, 2017

Title Insurance - What does it cover and do i need it?

Title insurance provides insurance cover to protect property owners against the hidden, and often complex, legal and title based problems that may not be apparent from traditional searches.

These problems can be very costly and could place severe financial hardship on you and your family.

First Title provides insurance cover for a number of different risks, including:

1. To repair or demolish illegal or unapproved structures such as decks, pergolas or carports, where your local council issues an order to do so.

2. To rectify incorrect boundaries, for example if you discover your fence is on your neighbour’s property and needs to be moved or vice versa.

3. Identity theft and fraud, which could result in your home being transferred to another owner or mortgaged without your knowledge.

4. To remove encroachments on your land (boundary issues), such as a neighbour building a structure which encroaches on your land. 


Your home is your most valuable possession and probably your most expensive asset.

Title insurance can provide you with peace of mind that your investment is covered against the hidden risks that may not be revealed in the conveyancing process.

Unlike other insurance policies, title insurance can be purchased for a one-off premium and there is no excess payable on a claim. The policy remains in place for the life of your property ownership.

As a guide insurance for a $2,000,000 property in NSW would be around $1,400.00


So protect your dream home from the varied and often hidden risks that can threaten the ownership of your property by talking to your conveyancing or legal professional. 

Alternatively, you can visit First Tile's website at or, speak to the First Title Customer Service Team by calling 1300 362 178 or emailing