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July 07, 2017

Use Feng Shui to bring positivity into your home

Now is the time to rethink, reorganize and revitalize your house with a little Feng Shui. Here are 9 simple tips for bringing positivity into your home with Feng Shui design principles. Nine is the most auspicious number in Feng Shui, so if you can manage to do all nine of these, you will attract even more good energy!


1. Fix your squeaks!

Does your entry door squeak or whine when you open or close it? The entry door is the first...


May 09, 2017

How could a drop in my homes value effect my selling decision?

For this article we will take an assumption that the value of property in our market is dropping by around 5% (even though its a bit early to make that call yet).

So we ofter hear people saying: “My home was worth $2m last month and with prices dropping to $1.9m there is no way I’m selling now”.

OK and sounds on the surface logical. But is it?

If the property market has dropped 5% then as long as the seller is going...


May 02, 2017

Chatswood Property Report - First Quarter 2017

2017: The normal start to the selling season (after the Australia Day weekend) started with low stock levels. What has been sold around our area of Chatswood have shown strong results due to strong buyer demand with low stock levels. We will see more stock coming onto the market over the coming months but far from the levels of 14/15. The Spring season is traditionally well supported with sellers and there is no reason to expect any changes this year....


May 02, 2017

Title Insurance - What does it cover and do i need it?

Title insurance provides insurance cover to protect property owners against the hidden, and often complex, legal and title based problems that may not be apparent from traditional searches.

These problems can be very costly and could place severe financial hardship on you and your family.

First Title provides insurance cover for a number of different risks, including:

1. To repair or demolish illegal or unapproved structures such as decks, pergolas or carports, where your local council issues an order to do so.

2. To...


March 15, 2017

Residential Real Estate. 2017/18 Prognosis

History:  Over the past 3 years Lower North Shore residential property values have shown substantial growth. The property boom of 2014 & 2015 showed it was not uncommon for Chatswood houses to double in value from their 2013 levels.

2016 started with a lack of supply and a series of events that put a dampener on house values and sales. The APRA changes on investment loans, China's restrictions on currency outflow and then the muting and later call of the Federal...


February 22, 2017

Stamp Duty Discount to Retiree Downsizers?

The Real Estate Institute of New South Wales (REINSW) is calling for the state government to give a 50 percent discount to retirees with dwellings, adding that the move will help increase necessary housing supply.

REINSW President John Cunningham said the discount should also be extended to upgraders who had intentions to sell but choose not to due to the high cost of stamp duty.

“In order to set this in motion we call on the NSW government to provide retirees with...


January 31, 2017

Aged care — make the right retirement living choice

Many of us save and plan for retirement, with our main focus on ensuring we have enough money to live the type of lifestyle that we want. Although this is an important aspect of planning ahead, another key consideration is planning where we will live during our retirement.

The answer to this question will depend on a number of factors, the major one being your ability to live independently.  Knowing what options are available will help you or your loved ones...


December 09, 2016

Top features to add when renovating to sell

If you’re a home owner and looking to renovate your home for profit, you need to know which features are most important to home buyers.

With more high density suburbs and parking becoming an issue, three out of five buyers considered garages to be the highest priority when searching for a home, according to’s latest Consumer Intentions Study.

More than half of the 2,343 people surveyed had somewhere to securely park their car as top of mind when searching for a...


October 17, 2016

Online house-sharing - The legals

Airbnb set to benefit from accommodation inquiry calling for streamlining of rules

All home owners across New South Wales should be allowed to use online house-sharing websites to let out rooms to holiday-makers and tourists without the prospect of being fined, a NSW parliamentary inquiry has found.

Only 12 NSW councils currently have rules allowing home owners to lease properties for short-term stays through websites such as Airbnb. 

Other councils either do not have the...


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