Gina Toia

Gina Toia

Sales Manager

One of Chatswood’s most successful, respected and dedicated professionals. A driven achiever, Gina prides herself on attaining the very best results for her clients. With over 30 years in the business Gina has worked in nearly all areas of our industry. She has the knowledge base of all facets from residential sales of homes and apartments to property leasing and also a decade ago ran a successful valuation business for 15 years.

A long time local resident, Gina is currently ranked amongst the area’s top sales agents. Her constantly high volume of sales and outstanding results year after year has earned Gina to be highly regarded in the industry. Gina provides exceptional service, communication with negotiation skills “that goes the extra mile” and works around the clock to ensure she achieves the very best result for all her clients.

Gina, a local home owner, has first hand knowledge of the local market and what brings and keeps buyers in our area. She has intimate understanding of the local market and buyer’s requirements, that enables her, to adjust quickly to changing market conditions.

Gina’s professionalism and efficiency are complemented by her warm, approachable personality. She totally understands the stresses of moving and relocating at any age and does her very best to ensure that the selling experience is a positive and happy one for all parties.

As a Principal of Macartney Real Estate Gina and her team believe in giving back to the community they do business with. This is reflected in the many charities that Gina supports personally and that Macartney Real Estate now also are proud to support.

The Cancer Council of NSW

Mates 4 Mates

Ronald McDonald House

Annual Xmas Gift Drive for Adults and Children

Rotary Club of Australia


Chatswood最成功的,受人尊敬的专业人士之一。一个驱动的成功者,吉娜为她的客户取得最好的成绩而自豪。 Gina已经有30多年的经营业务,几乎在我们行业的所有领域。她拥有从家庭住宅和公寓住宅销售到物业租赁的所有方面的知识基础,并且在十年前已经建立了15年的成功的估值业务。 当地居民很长时间,吉娜目前是该地区顶级销售代理商之一。她不断销售量高,年复一年地赢得了吉娜在行业中的高度评价。吉娜提供卓越的服务,与谈判技巧的沟通,“超越一英里”,全天候工作,确保她为所有客户取得最好的结果。 Gina是当地的业主,拥有当地市场的第一手知识,并为我们的地区带来和保持买家。她对当地市场和买家的要求有了深刻的了解,使她能够快速调整市场变化。 吉娜的专业精神和效率得到了她温暖,平易近人的个性的补充。她完全明白任何年龄的移民和搬迁的压力,并尽力确保销售经历对各方都是积极乐观的。 作为Macartney房地产公司的负责人,Gina和她的团队相信回馈与他们开展业务的社区。这反映在吉娜支持的许多慈善机构中,Macartney房地产现在也很自豪地支持。 新南威尔士州癌症委员会 伴侣4伙伴 麦当劳麦当劳大厦 每年圣诞礼物驱动成人和儿童 澳大利亚扶轮社