Simon De Crespigny

Simon De Crespigny

Sales Manager

With extensive experience in sales, marketing and property development, Simon has the skills knowledge and commitment achieving exceptional results for his clients. Simon has negotiated record sales in Roseville, Chatswood and the surround suburbs with top prices paid for properties across the Upper and Lower North Shore.

Simon’s successful business career has spanned a range of industries including multiple start up companies and real estate projects. He was involved with the development, marketing and sale of commercial and rural lifestyle developments in NE Victoria, the Hunter Valley and Sydney before moving into residential sales.

He has a long history of trading with and representing Hong Kong and China based companies, including negotiating major contracts and managing the strategies and marketing at international trade events across Asia and the USA.

His respect for and understanding of how different cultures do business has resulted in a high degree of trust and respect from his many Asian and international clients. Simon has a strong understanding of the financial, as well as emotional aspects of real estate sales His competent market assessment skills and positive but realistic appraisals combined with his personable nature and excellent people skills, have helped him form strong trust based relationships with both buyers and sellers He welcomes the opportunity to assist and advise vendors on their selling options to maximise returns in our ever changing real estate marketplace.

A resident of Chatswood and married to real estate professional and Co-Director Gina Toia, Simon is fully committed to the local area it’s people and lifestyle. In addition to real estate, his passion range from sailing and skiing to collecting indigenous and contemporary Australian art.

Simon拥有丰富的销售,营销和物业开发经验,拥有技术知识和承诺,为客户提供卓越的成果。 Simon已经在Roseville,Chatswood和周边郊区商谈了销售收入,最高价格为上北部和北部北岸的物业支付了费用。 西蒙成功的商业生涯涵盖了多个行业,包括多家创业公司和房地产项目。他参与了维多利亚州北部,猎人谷和悉尼的商业和农村生活方式发展的开发,营销和销售,然后进入住宅销售。 他与香港和中国的公司进行贸易往来很长,包括谈判重大合同,并在亚洲和美国的国际贸易活动中管理策略和市场营销。 他对不同文化的不同业务的尊重和理解,使得他的许多亚洲和国际客户获得了高度的信任和尊重。西蒙对房地产销售的财务状况以及情感方面有着深刻的了解。他有能力的市场评估技能和积极但现实的评估结合他的个性和优秀的人才技能,帮助他形成了与买卖双方强有力的信任关系。 西蒙欢迎有机会协助和建议供应商的销售选择,以最大限度地提高不断变化的房地产市场的回报。 Chatswood的居民与房地产专业人士兼联合主任Gina Toia结婚,Simon完全致力于当地的人们和生活方式。除了房地产,他的激情也从帆船和滑雪到收集土着和当代澳大利亚艺术。